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Pubblicato: Lunedì 27 marzo 2023


In this course, we will focus on a specific psychological function that is considered to be a corner of consciousness: the experience of the own body. Experimental paradigms such as the rubber hand illusion contributed greatly to our understanding of this function of body ownership. Interestingly, brain-damaged patients can exhibit distinct disturbances in this function that leaves them unable to recognize their body as their own.  

 I will introduce first the general topic of body ownership with reference to brain-damaged patients. I will highlight then the challenges when conducting these experimental paradigms and how this may impact our understanding of the psychological and neural processes involved here. To resolve the latter, I am introducing a meta-analytical approach to neuroimaging studies. I will discuss here how meta-analyses can contribute to our understanding of the brain processes involved not only for body ownership, but for any cognitive function. This in turn may allow us to accurately interpret observations in neuropsychological patients that exhibit specific brain lesions.

 The course consists of lectures, seminars, and a workshop. The seminars require active participation. In the workshop, we perform a neuroimaging meta-analysis using data from a previous study.

The course has three sessions, each 4h: 19th April, 26th April, 3rd May; between 16-20. The examination consists of a short written assignment based on the workshop.


Current time table:

Session 1: 19th April

16-18: Lecture on “Self-recognition and body ownership”

18-20: Demonstration of body ownership paradigms


Session 2: 26th April

16-17.30: Lecture on “the RHI multiverse – methodological differences in body ownership paradigms”

18-19: Seminar discussion “Replicating rubber hand illusion experiments – challenge accepted?”

19-20: Preparations for workshop (Session 3)


Session 3: 3rd May

16-17: Lecture on “Introduction into Imaging meta-analysis – why and how?”

17-20: Workshop “Performing a meta-analysis using ALE”


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